Top Apps For A Better Workout


These days we have such an advantage as we have so much help to keep us healthy and fit. 10 years ago, you would have to use a personal trainer if you’re looking to get fit. But now, we can use something as simple as an app. There are so many fitness apps available today. Seems like most of them are free or cost next to nothing. So why aren’t more of us fit? Well, I think it’s because people don’t have time to stay fit and don’t know where to start. This is where these fitness apps can help. They teach you how to get maximum benefit out of your workouts and in the shortest possible time periods. Therefore these apps really cover people from all bases. They help those without time and those who don’t know where to start.

What are the best fitness apps available today?

Pocket Yoga

Yoga has gained a lot of popularity in the last 10 years. And this is especially the case for men. If you went to a yoga class years ago, you might only see 1 man in the class. But these days there is more like a 60/40 spit (women to men). But many of us don’t like going to a yoga class or don’t have time. This is where Pocket Yoga can help. Pocket Yoga is great for all levels of skill. And for those who don’t know any of the poses, not problem. Pocket Yoga comes with detailed voice and video instructions. This app is not free, but it is cheap. It’s only $2.99.


JEFIT is a workout app that is specialized in building muscle and strength training. So it’s really for those of you looking to get the most out of your workouts! It is loaded with awesome exercise routines for individual parts of your body. It also comes with an exercise log and schedule so you don’t miss a workout. Jetfit is also free which is great. But the free version has ads you need to deal with, whereas the paid version doesn’t. And with the paid version, you get extra features.

Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App

One of the best things about this awesome app is that it will get you really fit, fast! You don’t need to be spending all day in the gym, all you need is 7 minutes a day. I think that everyone can manage that. Whether you sleep 7 minutes shorter or watch TV for 7 minutes less per day. This app also allows you to set the difficulty to all different levels. So anyone can use this app and even tailor it to how energetic you are feeling that day. Or if you want to focus on a particular part of your body, it can do that too. This is another app which is free!


This is another great workout app which actually allows you to choose what kind of workout you want. Workouts such as strength building, yoga, cardio, or stretching. A great thing about Sworkit is that it randomizes each workout so that you don’t get tired of the same old workouts. And it’s free!

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Top Apps for Better Skin

Top apps

Caring for your skin is an important – but sometimes difficult – task. What products should you use, and when should you apply them? What are you supposed to do when a sudden breakout or blemish appears, throwing your entire day off track? It can be both time consuming and unhelpful to browse countless suggestions online, or impossible to get advice from a dermatologist when you need it. Instead of struggling to make sure your skin gets the best, utmost care possible, try downloading a few apps. Here are the best apps you can find when you’re in need of some skin improving help.

Love My Skin

Worried about your risk of skin cancer, and want to protect yourself in advance? That’s where Love My Skin can help you out. Designed to promote skin cancer awareness, this app allows you to examine moles of different types and locations on the body. You can also set reminders to check your moles again in the future to ensure they aren’t changing. Additionally, you can enter skin updates to record anything important for future dermatologist visits.

Beauty Tips

If you love discovering new beauty and skincare tips, the Beauty Tips app offers hundreds of different pieces of advice from skin care professionals and experts. If you have a more personalized skin or beauty question you’re hoping to get answered, go ahead and ask away – upload them to the app, and an expert will reply directly to you. You can also save tips that you want to remember in the future within the app, and organize all of the info you like best.


Love skincare products and discovering new ones? That makes MySkin the app for you – with recommendations for 160,000 different skincare products, this app allows you to do extensive searching about what’s best for your skin, your routine, and your needs. Skincare junkies will love browsing the endless options and wide selection, as well as skimming user reviews to see which products are the most popular and results-driven. As an added bonus, the app itself tracks the products you use, purchase, and rate so you remember which were favorites and can purchase again.

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Make Life Easier With These Apps


We all live in a really busy world and our lives are no different. And we all need help to have more free time so anything that does give us more time is awesome. So are there apps available today which actually make our lives easier and help us save time? Well I have searched all corners of the Internet and used my previous experience to bring you what I think are the top apps on the market today to help make your life easier and give you more free time.

Google Maps

I think it’s safe to say that most of us have used Google Maps at least once by now, and most of us should know how amazing it is. Google Maps is also available on your phone and it’s a free download. This has to be the most accurate and easy to use map app available today.


For anyone who has heard of KeyMe, you know how good of an idea this app is. So how does it work? Let’s say that you locked your key inside your house and have no easy way of getting it as you don’t leave your spare key under the door mat. That is where this app steps in. You will first need a photo of your key using this app. Then you can go to selected key makers that will actually make up a replacement key based on the photo. This is very handy and will save you lots of money if you get locked out. If you’re concerned about the security of your key photo on your phone, there is no need. The photo will only be able to be accessed by verifying your fingerprint so no worries if you you’re your phone.

Diet Assistant – Weight Loss

Anyone that’s been on a diet knows that they are generally not easy to stick to and to remember what we are allowed to eat and what’s forbidden. This is where The Diet Assistant – Weight Loss app can help. It will keep track of what you eat. All you need to do is enter your target weight and the app will actually create a meal plan for you. Sounds amazing! This app works even if you have an allergy or are on a specific diet, just enter the diet you are on (such as gluten free) and it will work with you to get maximum results.


This is an app that I use all the time and love it. It really keeps me organized. Wunderlist allows you to create lists for your tasks, and you can create as many as you want. Not only lists but also different kinds of checklists also and these are all shareable with other users of Wunderlist. You can also set reminders which makes life easy.


This is a really handy app for those who tend to forget to pay bills. This app will keep track of when all your bills are due and remind you to pay them. It can also keep track of your bank and credit card balance so you know if you have enough money for your bills.

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Lifesaving Apps For New Moms

baby bump

Being a new parent is a lot harder then you may think. And it’s hard for both the mother and father, but I think that we can agree on it’s harder for the mother. So how can we make it easier for new mothers? Well, we can start by suggesting some apps that will make new mom’s lives easier and also give lots of fun facts and statistics about their babies. So what are some of our favorites?

WebMD Baby

Everyone knows that WebMD has a lot of very useful information and most of us have probably gone there for some medical advice. Well the good news is there is now a WebMD Baby app. All that great advice you love can now save you trips to the doctor with your baby. Not only do you get a wealth of information, but it’s also free. If you’re ever not comfortable with the advice given by WebMD Baby, it is always recommended that you go and see your family doctor for a second opinion.

The Bump Pregnancy App

This is a neat app which tracks where in your pregnancy you are and how long you have left. There is also lots of reading for mothers to be with information and tips on how to remain happy and healthy throughout the pregnancy and beyond. And I guess the main function is that it allows you to take photos of the bump to keep track of the size of your baby and these photos can later be made into a slideshow. You can also share these photos which is great. And finally, the app compares the size of your baby throughout your pregnancy to a fruit. For example, your baby is now the size of an apple. This can really help you put into perspective how big your baby is.

Sprout Diaper Change

This is a great app which actually allows you to record the bowl movements for more than one child. It is a really simple way of keeping track of your diaper changes. Sprout Diaper Change allows you to select the color of your baby’s poop, how thick it is, and whether it’s hard or soft or somewhere in between. This information is then collected and can be useful at your next doctor’s check-up. The only downside to this app is that it costs $2.99

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How Computers Have Helped Impact Our Health

Computers for health

While there are some reasons why computers have negatively impacted our health such as helping to contribute to obesity and additions to games, computers have also had some pretty amazing benefits for our lives let alone our health.

Treating Various Diseases And Illnesses

Computers are used every day in our hospitals to help diagnose patients and provide cures for them. Our hospitals use diagnostic tools such as cat scans and MRI’s. Other technologies include miniature cameras inserted into patients to help find blockages etc. Our medical industry couldn’t definitely operate without computers, but it would be very difficult on such as large scale and would probably not be as affective.

Cosmetic Surgery

Computers have helped drastically in the cosmetic surgery industry helping people look younger and better. Computers have helped make it easier to remove skin blemishes such as stretch mark scarring or birth marks making our skin look flawless.

Help During Pregnancy

You wouldn’t think it, but computers also help greatly during pregnancy. So you may ask, how on earth do computers help here? The use of ultrasounds can help pick up any issues which are occurring during pregnancy or even to determine if there is more than one baby in the womb. One of the greatest things about ultrasounds is that they are non-intrusive. Also ultrasounds are great for pre-delivery to make sure the baby is ready to be delivered naturally and when a C-section is needed.

Decrease Cost Of Our Hospital System

Using computers can actually save our hospital system a lot of time and money. Test can be ordered instantly and results back much faster. Not to mention that with computer stations in our hospitals, there are times where doctors don’t even need to now order tests with all that information at their fingertips. The end result is hospitals that are far more efficient and patients that don’t need to spend as much time in the hospital room.

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Top 3 Health Apps

Health Apps

Good news, there is now many apps available to help us with our health and fitness. It has never been so easy to get healthy. We simply key in our current status and our end goal and these apps tell us exactly how to get there. Pretty simple isn’t it? But as I mentioned before, there are plenty of these available, so instead of you trying one by one until you actually like one of these apps, we have already done the hard work for you. Check out our list below for our favorite health apps below.

Gain Fitness

This is a personal trainer app and has approximately 1,300 exercises! So this should be enough to keep you busy for a while. Ever see an image of an exercise and you have no idea what is going on or how to do the exercise? Well this Gain Fitness, there are high definition moving images to help you learn exactly how to do each exercise. In addition to this there are also voice commands. But what I like most about this app is that you can actually enter the pieces of gym equipment you have and it will get back to you with recommended exercises that you can do with the equipment available. Amazing.

Nike Training Club

Another great app to tone up the body and lose weight, Nike Training Club offers more than 100 full body workouts at different lengths. So if you only have 10 minutes to do a quick workout, just chose one of those and you’re good to go. You’ll also hear from some inspirational sport stars to help you get motivated and on track. This app will actually tailor workouts depending on the results you are looking for and the time frame you are looking at, very neat!


Finally we have Argus. This app is amazing. It will monitor everything about you such as every step you take, each time you ride your bike, every bite you take or drink you sip. It will basically process your daily routine which detailed charts of everything you do. Argus will then help you with ways to reach your goals. It’s basically like a health diary but you don’t have to remember to keep entering in what you ate each day and what you did. Great little app.


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Top Mountain Biking Apps


Apps are making our lives easier in many areas. Mountain biking is one of them. Gone are the days were we would have to bring a map with us, try to predict if that cloud approaching is actually a rain cloud and so forth. But remember, we still need to bring our snacks weather they are protein bars, energy chews, gue, or anything else we like to eat on the trail. Anyway, below are our top picks when it comes to making our mountain biking experience easier.


Depending on the trails you ride, weather can have a big impact on the trails. If you ride in muddy conditions it will quickly deteriorate the track. However, if you are riding mainly on rocks and alike, then riding in the rain will not affect the trail so much. Having an app such as Accuweather helps you know exactly when the rain is coming (if at all) and uses your current location, which is really handy. You can always check out the rain radar also.

Bike Gear Calculator

You may not think that this app would be applicable for you and it may not be. But I find that this app is most useful if you are converting your gearing to a single speed up front and multiple gears in the rear such as 10. It is especially useful as even a tooth or two difference in the front single ring can have a huge impact on the rest of the gears. They can be too short or too long. So this app is a great way to help you decide your perfect gearing.


Strava is one of the most well-known mountain biking (or road biking for that matter) apps. It is well-known for good reason, it rocks! With Strava you can track your ride using GPS and upload your data. You can also compare your ride times compared with others. This can sometimes get addictive so be careful not to get too hooked and try a little too hard to beat the best time. Always ride within your limits.


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